So I’m transitioning this blog into something a little different… As this is my outlet to the world I’m going to start posting about things that interest me recently that has been coffee. So, for the next little while I’ll probably just post funny pictures and then transition into a coffee blog.. thx. 


Daily Log, day 5 

Dear internet,

What is so satisfying about having a wad of cash? Got my tip money today and DAMN good day lol.

Anyways going to party tonight probably for the last time with my friends from highschool. That is a really depressing thought. On the other hand I’m going to uni next week and I’ll need surrounded by some awesome people there. Can’t wait!


Why is it so hard to see a positive future? Shouldn’t we live in a society where the youth can dream big. Today’s reality seems dire.

Agree? Disagree?

Either way have a good one,


Daily Log, Day 3

Hello again internet!

I’m blogging yet again in the middle of the night in this sort of internet journal thing. So I guess I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m a pretty normal guy, I live in Canada, I’m working my way through a business degree on my way to becoming a lawyer (hopefully- We’ll see where I end up) and I work at a local coffee shop. I have an interest in history and culture as well as a love for music. Like everyone I have a few quirks, I am a die-hard anime and manga fanboy but nobody would ever know it. I have the memory of a 90 year old, I forget what I had for breakfast today. So there you have it. I’m pretty normal, maybe a little weird, yeah that’s true. Then again isn’t everyone weird when it comes down to it. This is why culture and people fascinate me. Everyone has likes, dislikes, quirks, etc. Yet we are all really the same when it comes down to it.

Anyways… I’m rambing.

Thoughts today-

What is it about dressing up all fancy and shit that makes you feel so powerful? Is it just because you know you look amazing so your confidence is raised or is it something more than that?
-also why do people look at you so weird?

Why do people think being blunt is always the answer? Telling someone they’re an idiot doesn’t make them not an idiot it just makes them feel like shit.


haha yeah right.

Good night internet.


Daily Log, Day 1

Dear internet,

This is kind of a new thing I’m doing with my time. I feel like writing but I don’t really have any outlets so I’m gunna post a kind of blog/journal here.

First of all, thoughts:

In terms of projects and goals etc. Why when you start something is it so difficult to finish it? I’ve had this tumblr for about a year now and I can never seem to post regularly.

I have a tendency to think out loud I wonder if that is at all connected to something? Genetics? I don’t know my parents so I will probably never know.

What connection does music have to emotion? Lately I’ve been super lonely and I can only ever listen to sad/minor keys

August 18, 2014

Cheers Internet.